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Be Well

by Tired All the Time

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Cardian Matsu
Cardian Matsu thumbnail
Cardian Matsu I've been meaning to pick this one up for a while because it's stuck in my mind, though I don't really know why. Other than the fact that it's an exceptional piece of music.

Even then, there's something special about this punk-esque, reverb-soaked piece of work that radiates ingenuity and feels extremely personal. Like I'm listening to something that hasn't happened like it before, and something I'll miss out on forever if I don't keep remembering to listen to it again every couple of months. Favorite track: Bone Dry.
Beau Finley
Beau Finley thumbnail
Beau Finley I play this album four times a day. Since I started, I've seen impressive gains that normal albums won't give you. Women find me more attractive. My boss promoted me. I'm now his boss! I even bought a bigger boat.
ghost with tunes
ghost with tunes thumbnail
ghost with tunes I can't get enough of TATT's music! I love the often lo-fi sound coupled with their frequently amusing (to me, an anti-social nihilist) and self-deprecating lyrics. Favorite track: Only Exception.
Asher thumbnail
Asher Gang vox! Love it! Favorite track: Bone Dry.
Bone Dry 02:16
I got nothing My whole life is like a hole I got nothing My whole mind is like a soul I got nothing All my money's in the bank I got nothing My whole culture is a prank It's bone dry Where's that marrow Where's that marrow inside Like squeezing water from a stone It's bone dry
You're living in a borrowed space You're betting on a losing race You cannot feel or touch the great big human waste They'll only get harder now You'll try a little less right now You cannot even speak or think the same No one ever asked if this made sense or not We'll never get a chance to try it different now We're cut into a million little pieces Even if it gets okay It never really stays that way Because the way you feel comes from another place We're dying of middle-brow Your money buys less right now The future feels like a big risk you cannot take No one ever asked if this made sense or not (And if it does) We'll never get a chance to try it different now (What will that mean) We're cut into a million little pieces I'm afraid
I know myself Control my health Ads on TV Don't work on me I know my life could change The more things stay the same I know I can't complain 'cause things are looking up any moment I feel alright (not bad at all) Sleep well at night (not tired at all) I know what's true (no doubt at all) But I don't know why I do what I do
Dogface 04:10
You are molded and afraid And you can't make out the shapes Of the people in your place Who've been living there for days But the noise in your home doesn't cease And you feel it measure your face When you're going out to eat You take pennies from their tray And you can't afford to pay And you can't make out her face But the noise in your home doesn't cease And you feel it measure your face The places that you visit all get carved into a maze of faces And the things you thought were yours are never really things that were at all But you know what it is, and how it ends And you see the basilisk in your bed
Black Jello 04:21
I forget the words that make this work Everyday In the end, it did even matter just enough to be a drag Trapped inside a pitch black jello maze Swimming in slow motion Feel along the walls for better days Trapped inside a pitch black jello maze Every movement takes forever And we’re finding new dead ends down every way Ignorance is not a blissful state But here we are In this cold and sticky world We built our home Took out a loan Every time we pry a window up A door slams shut Putting down a glue board trap for the rats Like a baby’s crib
Flower 03:40
The forest of the hidden way has many flowers to which we pray their scent will bring us closer to the sacred druid's glade we're pawns of pollen climbing back into our mother's grave The offices of electric day are dreaming of new ways to pray The circuits in our lower brains are begging us to play Our mother's lovely legacy is teaching us to pay When she left us crying here We yearned for a new home Thoughts of mud and flowers and an end to what has come


I've gotten a few inquiries as to why Flag Day was releasing something that wasn't as experimental as the rest of the catalog. The answer is simple, cause Tired All The Time rules.

I love connections/degrees of separation, so if you want to get nostalgic with me about it, I first met one of the members of TATT at the very first noise show I played at in Northern VA. That night he played bass with doom metal trio Forgetting which consisted of other members within the noise scene.

When I heard that Daniel had recorded something at the same studio I do all my work at, I had to check it out. I must have listened to "Bloody Toothbrush" a thousand times. I was hooked. Their catchy melodies, layered keys, sarcastic, self-deprecating humor was a formula I enjoyed. When I heard they were working on a follow up, I knew I wanted to help them release it.

As you buy this tape, I also recommend you listen to and buy their first self released EP "PLEASE STOP" I don't think you'll regret it.


-Guillermo Pizarro


released August 17, 2018

Edward Barakauskas: Chief Operations Officer
M. Richard Talley: Lead Executive Strategist
Brian Miller: Head of Research and Development
Daniel Euphrat: Senior Design Officer, Brand Consultant

Daniel Euphrat: cover art
Ee Kay Jay: logo and J-card layout

Engineered and Mastered by Kenny Eaton at Mystery Ton Studios
Mixed by Brian Miller


all rights reserved



Flag Day Recordings West Virginia

Est. in 2017 Flag Day is a US label focused on promoting experimental music, harsh noise, ambient and soundtracks

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