1. Hordijk, Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  2. Bain d'Arsenic
    Bob Bellerue & Francisco Meirino

  3. Disincarnazione
    Lorenzo Abattoir

  4. Human Nature Denied
    Dave Phillips

  5. Upics
    Bjarni Gunnarsson

  6. Violence Against the Evidence
    Roel Meelkop & Das Synthetische Mischgewebe

  7. Echography
    Katharina Schmidt

  8. Rings of Water
    Manja Ristić

  9. Hordijk, Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  10. Flutter & Scrape
    Sontag Shogun

  11. Unhinged
    Bob Bellerue

  12. Feast On My Body
    Maryam Sirvan

  13. Ostensione
    Lorenzo Abattoir

  14. A Waste of Red Meat
    Peter J. Woods

  15. Italian Division
    Raoul van Herpen

  16. Ikigai
    Hanzo Hasashi

  17. échancré

  18. Taciturn, Moribund
    Grant Evans

  19. Things Remain Held Together
    Asher Graieg-Morrison

  20. Hello From the Lover
    Rush Falknor

  21. Ordinary Lives

  22. It Feels Great But the Planet Is Dying
    Benjamin Mauch & Micah Dale Pick

  23. Dissolving the Bonds
    Terence Hannum

  24. Modern Preserves
    White Suns

  25. Nostalgie de la chasse à l'homme dans les couloirs du Splendid Hôtel
    The Dead Mauriacs

  26. The Garden Of Earthly Delights
    Philippe Petit

  27. Galoba
    Milad Bagheri

  28. de/Still
    Nathan Moody

  29. quelques usines fantômes n°3
    Bruno Duplant

  30. Carbon Trauma

  31. Humanity Is a Sinking Ship

  32. Remora
    Final Machine

  33. Burn one, bring it through the garden, pin a rose on it
    Jacob Winans

  34. Ready To Leave
    Slow Tongued Beauty

  35. Glass House

  36. Walking In Silt

  37. Epicataphora
    Thomas Walsh

  38. The Speaking Hand
    Espen Lund

  39. Interstellar Invasion – Original Motion Picture Score
    Imbued Vagary

  40. Music To Come Down To
    Tim Held

  41. Hear After: Matters of Auditory Paranoia
    Francisco Meirino

  42. Challenging Mud
    How Things Are Made

  43. Spaces
    Todd Barton

  44. Not-Landscape
    Geoff Wilt

  45. Jericho Bridge : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Guillermo Pizarro

  46. How to fold a fitted sheet
    S. Hollis Mickey

  47. The Ways We Wait
    Jen Kutler

  48. Pretty Boss
    Mitchell W. Feldstein

  49. The Black Isle
    Manja Ristić

  50. Ascending
    Grave Nature

  51. Ourselves Alone
    Like Weeds

  52. Considered Parallel to Borders (Or Dividers)
    Bridges of Königsberg

  53. Without Mirrors
    Without Mirrors

  54. Hereditatem Pt. II
    Asher Graieg-Morrison

  55. Subtraction
    Gleb Kanasevich

  56. Dry Bath
    Dry Bath

  57. Formlessness

  58. Tines
    Andrew Tasselmyer

  59. The Great Krell Machine, Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  60. Grave Blankets
    Grave Blankets

  61. Be Well
    Tired All the Time

  62. Naked Brunch
    Luca Sigurtà & Sergio Sorrentino

  63. Discorporeal
    Benjamin Mauch

  64. The Crossing : Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Howard Stelzer

  65. A Few Moments Of Daylight
    Tag Cloud

  66. Three : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Guillermo Pizarro

  67. Mood Calipers Vol. 1

  68. The Rich Have Interchangeable Heads
    Moth Bucket


  70. We all walk through fire, but not everyone burns
    Christopher S. Feltner

  71. Ten Modular Synth Etudes
    Francisco Meirino

  72. A Whole New Alphabet
    Andrew Weathers & Peter J. Woods

  73. Enraptured, the Morning Star Rises
    Phoenix Auto Group

  74. Harmonic Poems
    Guillermo Pizarro


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